Publication Grants Since 1996, SPAM has given grants annually for research and writing on the arts. Our grants are a bit unusual: we support individuals more often than institutions, writers even though we are not a publication, and work in areas we feel need more attention, such as lesser-known modernists or a new perspective on familiar modernists. We seek projects that make innovative arguments and original research accessible to as wide a public as possible.

Projects supported by SPAM

How to apply for a publication grant

Course Development Grants With a new line of grants SPAM is supporting course development in the history of public and private support for the arts in the United States. The grants are intended to expand college and university teaching of the history of support for the arts.

How to apply for a course development grant

Other Grants SPAM occasionally makes other grants. In 2001 we supported the launch of ArtistCares, a grassroots response to September 11th that worked with artists to give healing workshops for communities in times of crisis.